Silhouettes & Perspective

These are a few of my favourite photos that I took in Budapest and I have chosen them because I think they are the most interesting portrayals of silhouettes or different perspectives that I captured.

I’ve included the original shot along with the edited image to show the changes that I made to improve them afterwards.




I put both the brightness and contrast up slightly for this one as well as increasing the vibrance and saturation. This helps in making the colours more vivid and warmer which has added a “happier” sort of feel to the photo. It’s also allowed the flower bud to stand out even more as the focal point in the photograph. My favourite thing about this photo, and my reason for including it in this post is the change in perspective as a seemingly insignificant object, the flower bud, is the main focus of the image, leaving the great city scape to blur into the distance and just serve as a background.



When editing this image on Photoshop, I took the brightness down slightly and the contrast up a lot. I also considerably increased the vibrance along with some saturation. I included this image because of the silhouettes created in the image. The statues were dimly lit whilst the sky is bright due to the sun setting at the time and I have enhanced this with my editing. The blue and yellow hues in the sky contrast each other really well and are very eye catching when the only other shade in the image are the black silhouette figures. I like how the people in the image appear almost as smaller mirror images of the statue with their scattered stances.



For this final image, I took the brightness down and contrast up. In addition to this, I increased the vibrance and also the saturation slightly. Again, this is an example of how I have utilised silhouettes, but in a very different way. In contrast to the previous example, this silhouette exists to frame the focus of the image, rather than to be the focus of the image. The rocks and trees work perfectly to map out an area in the middle of the photograph in which the landscape can appear bright and vibrant.



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