Trapped Reflection Piece

This is only a short post as I wanted to share this image which is from some of my A-Level work that I did last year. I shot the image with my Nikon D5300, just using the kit lens. I used Photoshop to edit it by erasing the model’s body so that she appears to just be in the mirror (when in fact the mirror had no glass and she was behind it, reaching through). I also desaturated the photo and did some basic adjustments such as correcting the levels. This was my final piece which aimed to sum up some ideas that I had been exploring concerning trapped beings and souls of individuals stuck in limbo; which stemmed from my project on the loss of humanity of a person as a result of prolonged drug addictions.

This image is one example of an earlier piece I created in this project which was based on a similar idea with a consistent theme to the final piece above.

collage 2

I created this image in the basic Photography studio that my school had, I used a curtain in front of two studio lights which gave the soft, warm lighting that can be seen. I had the model stand behind the curtain and press herself against it; varying her poses with each shot. I then used Photoshop to create this montage of multiple images.


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