Skull Face Paint Shoot

Self Portraiture is an area which I like to explore. I feel that I can really put the ideas in my head into practice when I am taking the pictures of myself. Although there are obvious drawbacks presented, as it is necessary to use either the camera’s timer function, or as I did in this photo shoot, a remote to control the shutter. Due to the wired nature of the remote, this also meant there was a limit to the distance I could be from the camera. However this was not a major issue for this particular shoot as I was using a 50mm prime lens; therefore for a quality image to be produced I would need to be relatively close to the camera (head and shoulder image distance away) anyway.

For these photographs, I painted the half skull image onto my face using face paints, eyeliner and eyeshadows. I then shot the images with a Nikon D5300 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. I did this in a dark room using one light directly on the face or to the side, with just a black bed sheet as a backdrop. I sometimes like to only use the torch on my iPhone as a light as it is bright yet small so it gives a focused hard lighting. I did this for my Prime Lens Portraits post.

These are a few of my best shots prior to any editing. When I edit them, I am hoping to add some smoke to some of them to add to the dark, edgy feel. I am also considering enhancing the sharpness of the eyes in order to really grab the viewer’s attention.



















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