Crystal Ball Images

For these photographs, I used a clear crystal ball and had my models hold it so that I could shoot images of them through the object. I did this in order to see the ways in which the image of the person would be distorted in comparison to just taking a picture of their face by itself.

Before taking the photos I didn’t realise that the image would be reflected upside down onto the crystal ball. Although I really liked that this effect was gained; it adds some interest to the image overall.

After several attempts, in differing locations, with alternative models; this was my most successful image.

f/2.2 1/20
I found that this worked best in natural daylight. This was because I could not use any studio lights or camera flashes due to the fact that this would cause a glare on the crystal ball. So I needed to shoot in broad daylight to get the required exposure for the shot.

I experimented with different focal points on the image but found focusing on the image within the crystal ball and leaving the model blurred to be the most pleasing aesthetics. I enhanced this afterwards on Photoshop by selecting the models hands with the crystal ball, and enhancing the contrast so that the eye’s attention will be more strongly drawn towards it.

I also found that an area with a bit of an interesting background helped to improve the photograph as some of it appears on the ball, also this was the best angle that I chose to shoot from. I liked the composition that this angle gave me, as the main interest of the photo is very concentrated on the crystal ball, with the large space of the image being out of focus.

For this shoot I used the Nikon D5300 with a 50.0 mm f/1.8 prime lens.

I think this image was largely successful. To improve I would try to gain a lot more different successful photographs as I think the others that I shot weren’t as good as this one.


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